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A selection of international projects is presented below. Click thumbnail picture to review reference sheet of project. Some reports can also be downloaded. For more information, contact us.

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Public transport pre-study for Bangalore
A pre-study was carried out in order to make an initial  assessment of the possibility for  introduction of a MetroBus system in Bangalore. The study, undertaken in close cooperation with KSRTC/BTS, resulted in a positive assessment and later led to the undertaking of a feasibility study.
Public Transport project for Kingston
Engaged by Sida for evaluation of request for Swedish financing of bus transport development project for Kingston.
Public transport reform in Amman
Engaged by the World Bank for a mission to Amman, and to assist in the formulation of a reformed public transport policy. This included drafting of an urban transport policy paper and legislation for the establishment of new public transport authority.
Public transport project for Dakar
Engaged by Sida for evaluation of a request for Swedish financing of a bus transport development project for Dakar. The project was approved after the evaluation.
Public Transport Study for the Metropolitan Area of Barquisimeto
Sub-contracted by PBI in a World Bank financed study aiming at re-structuring the  public transport system in the city of Barquisimeto. The study,  supervised and coordinated by the Government agency ”FONTUR”, included bus route network design, institutional development and infrastructure design.
Public transport in Amman
Subcontracted by Norconsult to assist the Ministry of Transport in Jordan under a World Bank Technical Assistance Project. The area of responsibility was the reorganisation and/or privatisation of the PTC (the Government public transport company) in Amman.
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